The TOROT Treebank

The TOROT Treebank is a dependency treebank with morphosyntactic and information-structure annotation. It includes texts in Old Church Slavonic, Old Russian and Middle Russian and is freely available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License.

The treebank is an expansion of the Slavic part of the PROIEL corpus and was started as part of the research project Birds and Beasts: Shaping Events in Old Russian, which was financed by the Norwegian Research Council. The treebank is still in active development.

On this site you will find our official, versioned releases of the treebank. You can also try Syntacticus, an experimental interface for browsing and searching the TOROT and PROIEL treebanks and related treebanks. This interface is not yet ready for serious use, but it will be soon! The following texts are currently included:

Text Language
Codex Suprasliensis Old Church Slavonic
Codex Zographensis Old Church Slavonic
Kiev Missal Old Church Slavonic
Psalterium Sinaiticum Old Church Slavonic
Vita Constantini Old Church Slavonic
Vita Methodii Old Church Slavonic
Afanasij Nikitin’s journey beyond three seas Old Russian
Birchbark letters Old Russian
Charter of Prince Jurij Svjatoslavich of Smolensk on the alliance with Poland and Lithuania, 1386 Old Russian
Colophon to Mstislav’s Gospel book Old Russian
Colophon to the Ostromir Codex Old Russian
Correspondence of Peter the Great Old Russian
Domostroj Old Russian
Life of Sergij of Radonezh Old Russian
Materials for the history of the schism Old Russian
Missive from Prince Ivan of Pskov, 1463–1465 Old Russian
Missive from the Archbishop of Riga to the Prince of Smolensk Old Russian
Mstislav’s letter Old Russian
Novgorod service book marginalia Old Russian
Novgorod’s treaty with Grand Prince Jaroslav Jaroslavich, 1266 Old Russian
Russkaja pravda Old Russian
Statute of Prince Vladimir Old Russian
Testament of Ivan Jurievich Grjaznoj Old Russian
The 1229 Treaty between Smolensk, Riga and Gotland (version A) Old Russian
Excerpt from the First Novgorod Chronicle, Synodal manuscript Old Russian
Excerpt from the Kiev Chronicle, Codex Hypatianus Old Russian
The Life of Avvakum Old Russian
Excerpt from the Primary Chronicle, Codex Hypatianus Old Russian
The Primary Chronicle, Codex Laurentianus Old Russian
Excerpt from the Suzdal Chronicle, Codex Laurentianus Old Russian
The Tale of Dracula Old Russian
The Tale of Luka Kolocskij Old Russian
The taking of Pskov Old Russian
The tale of the fall of Constantinople Old Russian
Uspenskij sbornik Old Russian
Varlaam’s donation charter to the Xutyn monastery Old Russian
Excerpt from the Vesti-Kuranty Old Russian
Zadonshchina Old Russian

Please see the data files in the release distribution for complete contributor details and editorial notes.

We are constantly expanding the treebank. The following texts are in the pipeline and will be included in an upcoming release:

Text Language
Chrabr's Treatise on the letters Church Slavonic
Muscovite private correspondence Old Russian
The tale of Igor's campaign Old Russian
Treaty of Alexander Nevskij and Novgorod with the Germans Old Russian

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If you use the treebank, please cite as:

Hanne Martine Eckhoff and Aleksandrs Berdicevskis. 2015. 'Linguistics vs. digital editions: The Tromsø Old Russian and OCS Treebank'. Scripta & e-Scripta 14–15, pp. 9-25.

Releases are hosted on Github, where you can also access previous releases.

The Slavic implementation of the morphosyntactic annotation scheme is described in the document TOROT Guidelines for Annotation, which are wholly compatible with and rely on the PROIEL Guidelines for Annotation.